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By: Sanetria Cain

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Purposeful Preparation

Genesis 1

God’s 7 Day creation:

Day 1: Heaven, Earth, and light

Day 2: Sky

Day 3: Dry land, seas, plants, trees

Day 4: The sun, moon, and stars

Day 5: Sea & flying animals

Day 6: Land Animals, Humans

Day 7: Rest

The human was not created until the sixth day of Gods 7 day earth creation. He created the land beneath their feet and the heaven to watch earth from. God provided a place to live and a source of food. God created the sea which was a source to bath and eventually a source to travel. He created life in both animals and humans. God prepared all of this before introducing the human. On the sixth day, not only were humans created but he gave them dominion over all that he previously created (Gen 1: 26). The delay for human introduction packed a punch. God went before and position everything needed to survive.

This preparation was paired with purpose. Upon arrival, the human had dominion over sea animals, birds, cattle, trees, herb bear seeds, earth, and everything that came with it. God even put them in a position of over flow. Herb bearing seeds is the first example of manifestation. God gave them a lifetime supply of Food. Food that would eventually feed nations.

Mind you.. this is all on arrival.

Mind you .. God knew just how the first humans would handle his creations but he positioned them anyhow.

Delayed does not mean denied! God is going before you to prepare more than you could imagine. God showed us that you do not have to be perfect for his promise but his promise is perfect for you! God made a lot out of nothing JUST FOR YOU!

God prepared it

God positioned you for it

God presented his promise

God right now I’m praying for peace and patience in my season of delay. I trust you God no matter the duration of preparation. I thank you for taking time to make a promise and fulfill it just for me. Thank you God for being faithful to me. Thank you God for trusting me with your word. Thank you for seeing me fit! Thank you God for not allowing me to mishandle what I prayed for and what I didn’t. Thank you for positioning me to start over.. fresh! Bring me to it on your terms God. Bring me through it on your terms God. You’ve given me more than enough! I trust and I love you.

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ant Ant
ant Ant
09 de fev. de 2022

There’s a proper place of location and proper time of season! This was good🙏🏽.

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